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Our Story

     As a family we have been striving to become more self-sustainable for many years now. Our "health evolution" started years ago with pasture-raising our own animals for meat and eggs. We had a few sheep, cows, turkeys, chickens, horses, pigs, and even a goat here at the farm. But as we learned more about health and wellness we shifted from that way of life into a meat-free lifestyle and eventually said goodbye to our animal friends. Our focus now is soil health and growing the most nutrient-dense fruit and vegetables we can, while also striving to give back to nature and support our local wildlife. 

     Our journey came more into focus in May of 2017, when a baby black squirrel was abandoned and needed our help. We named her Walnut (after the many black walnut trees that grow on the property) and welcomed her into our home and our hearts and she still resides on the property (now back in the wild) as our little mascot and a constant reminder of how we can work in harmony with nature. We have since planted more nut trees for our furry friends and many native plants to help support and encourage insects and birds to also call our farm home. 

     Growing flowers has always been a passion for us here on the farm. We love to start beautiful annuals from seed and adding new perennials to the landscape each year. In 2020 we decided to start offering fresh, local grown cut flower bouquets and we have loved sharing the joy and beauty of flowers!

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